Dr. Kelly L. Robinson

I have a doctorate in marine science from the University of South Alabama (2012) and a master’s in fisheries and aquatic science from the University of Florida (2007). My research interests as a coastal biological oceanographer are broadly aimed at the effects of climate-driven processes on marine zooplankton production and distribution, with an emphasis on gelatinous plankton predators (i.e., jellyfish). I am particularly interested in how climate forcing alters trophic interactions and energy transfer between marine zooplankton groups, planktivorous fish, and their predators. To address questions related to this topic, I use a combination of experimental lab work, field studies, and modeling (including spatial analysis and food web modeling).

Google Scholar | Curriculum Vitae | UL Lafayette Biology Dept. Webpage

Courses Taught:

  • Climate Change Biology – syllabus
  • Introduction to ‘R’ Programming for Biologists – syllabus
  • Spatial Data Analysis & Management – syllabus
  • Plankton Ecology (w/ B. Stauffer)