Media Outreach

The Robinson Zooplankton Lab is happy to talk to reporters, television and film makers. We have experience with print, digital, radio, TV, and documentary film formats.

2018Interviewee. “Q&A Kelly Robinson: Sample archive serves as a plankton ecologist’s rainy-day fundNature Index. By Jeffrey Perkel. 22 November 2018
2018Interviewee. Garden & Gun article by Brent Crane. 18 July 2018.
2018Interviewee. “Machine learning gets to grips with plankton challenge.” Nature ToolBox Article by Jeffrey Perkel. 24 September 2018.
2018Commentator. Science News article by Maria Temming for a Science Robotics paper. 19 July 2018
2016Interviewee. “Ecosystems.” Documentary Film. Directed by Katherine Quigley. Learning Design Group. University of California at Berkley. 12-13 October 2016. Subject matter: jellyfish blooms and their role in marine ecosystems
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2015Interviewee. “Hotline” radio show on KNPT AM 1310. Kiera Morgan. Subject matter: National Data Science Bowl. Aired 12 January 2015.
2013Interviewee. “Jellyfish Invasion?” on The Animal House. WAMU 88.5 American University Radio. Produced by Steven Williams. Subject matter: Global invasion of jellyfish. Aired 12 October 2013.
2013Interviewee. “Trek of the Titans.” The Nature of Things. Documentary Film. Directed by Teresa MacInnes and Kent MacInnes. Produced for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Interviewed 18-22 August 2013. Subject matter: Jellyfish and leatherback sea turtles
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